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Pastor Carter's Thoughts and Comments.

A Strong Infrastructure is Manatory

by Pastor Dale Carter on 10/24/16

As we continue teaching the importance of training, preparedness, power, authority and victory, I scenes a diffident awareness of a strong presence of God. The lingering savor of a divine atmosphere that is gaining and spreading its odor, whispering to hearts as it flows as a still small voice filled with the power of a mighty rushing wind cleansing and purifying as a consuming fire. A presence that is drawing Gods’ children and guiding them into His Kingdom. Minding the broken hearted, giving sight to the blind and setting those free from the bondage of sin. As we thirst and hunger to know Him in a fullness unexplainable by man, we will send up an odour of a sweet smell into the nostrils of God and the presence of His Diving Presence will increase.

All of these together will built an infrastructure that will hold, hold during the times of storms and hard times. Look at it this way. One part of the infrastructure is connected to another part which in turn will strengthen the other part that the other part could not stand by itself. So each individual part of the infrastructure when it is connected to another part will bring strength sufficient to hold the structure together so that the purpose of the structure will be accomplished. Every business and origination and most especially the local church must have a strong infrastructure or it will deteriorate right before our very eyes.

Building a strong infrastructure is the number one priority of a great leader. There are many greater leaders in the military that have stripes on their sleeves instead of stars on their shoulders but like T.D. Jakes once said, "I'd better be a great sergeant that a poor general." Me too! 

If only God's people will bind together and pull together and seek God with prayer and supplication then the presence of God will become more and more present.


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