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Pastor Carter's Thoughts and Comments.

Does God?

by Pastor Dale Carter on 03/15/17

The question, "Does God Still Heal and Work Miracles Today" has been asked many times and appears to be asked even more frequently as time grows shorter and shorter.  I even find this to be true among Pentecostal churches, which used to be the leader in promoting the miracle working power of God.
I believe that during the time that God seems to be silent, God is working behind the scenes, preparing His people for a monumental out pouring of the super-natural anointing of the Holy Ghost that modern man has never seen before. The days of the tent revivals were only a preview of the main event.
I believe that God is playing the part of a vendor like we find at a Sam's Warehouse, disturbing small portions of products, tantalizing your taste buds and enticing you to buy the whole package.  The small portion is so good that you just can't resist buying all of it.
That is the drama that is taking place at Harvest Fellowship Church.  God has been passing out small portions for the past four or five years.
A couple of weeks ago during Bible Study we prayed for a lady that has headaches continually.  I told her that her head would quit hurting before the class was over and that when the pain left her to report it to the class.  In about twenty minutes, she announced that the pain that she had experienced for several weeks was gone.  At the time of this writing, it has not returned. This has been repeated four times with others that had headaches and other pain.  One lady reported that as we anointed her with oil and prayed, she felt something like warm water flowing from the base of her head down her back and within a few minutes, the pain that was there daily, without stop, was gone and as of today has not returned.  Personally, I've been bothered by sharp pain going from my left hip down to my knee for several weeks.  Last Monday night the prayer team anointed me and prayed.  In about twenty minutes, the pain left and has not returned.  In 2009 my doctor told me I had two ruptured discs in my back at the forth and fifth level.  We prayed and prayed, but I got no relief.  Then in May of 2010, God touched me and the pain left and has not returned and I can lift and work just like a young man.
I believe that God is giving our church small portions, preparing us for the super-natural out pouring that is just over the horizon.  Believe you me, I can hear the sound and smell the odor of the abundance of the latter rain approaching the state of Arkansas.
We here at Harvest Fellowship PCG desperately want to be, not just a part of it, but right in the middle of it.  I could share with you many powerful things taking place outside the church walls but, room will not permit.  But I will tell you that strangers and "long time no see friends" are coming to some of our members, even while they are on the job, and asking for prayer and God is doing a work within them right there.  The next day they return and bring someone with them.
If you need prayer, our services are Sunday morning at 10:30 AM and Sunday evening at 6:00PM.  Monday evening at 6:00PM and Wednesday evening at 6:00PM.  We also have a drug and alcohol deliverance service on Tuesday evening 6:00PM. God really and truly wants to heal you, deliver you and bless you in ways you haven't imagined.  

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