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Pastor Carter's Thoughts and Comments.

Drama in The Church

by Pastor Dale Carter on 06/21/17

Drama as defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a literary composition to be performed by actors. A play that is not a comedy, in other words, it’s pretty serious and can also be defined as “exaggerated emotionalism”. After over thirty years of pastoring I have analyzed in my own mind, the components of Drama. I broke it down into categories and its causes.  Number one.  Every play or movie has a foundation. In other words, what is the reason for the play? There is a message that the producer wants to express, show to an audience and hope the audience enjoys it.  All of the parts of the play may not be exactly the truth so the actors dramatize the parts so people will listen longer and more intensely.  The value of the play is determine by the ability of the actor to dramatize. These people are called dramatist, kind a like a playwright in Hollywood. In the case of Drama, the playwright, the dramatist, the actor and the star of the show is the self-same person.  Because the number one reason or foundation of this Drama is “Self”.


Most plays are broken down in parts or acts. The first act lays the ground work and plants the seeds. These seeds must be cared for daily. The ground in which they are planted needs to be watched to make sure that only the seeds that produce the desired fruit will be cared for. Every seed that does not create agreement with the playwright and dramatist will be plucked up and the sower will be doused with poisonous venom in an attempt to destroy their creditability and may even be cast as an enemy.  Only those that agree with the playwright and dramatist will have a part in this Drama.  The number two reason for this play is “Self”.


So thirdly, the seeds must be watered. The water for these plants that have begun to grow an audience. The larger the audience the more attention. So now the playwright and dramatist must do something to entice the audience so they create something dramatic. In most plays or a true story movie this is where the real truth is detoured. What if the whole truth and nothing but the truth was told…well someone might think that some of this drama was invented and I would shudder to think that maybe the truth would expose me of causing a part of the problems maybe even most of them. Someone may even think that the real reason for this Drama is “Self”


Over a person’s life time some can be infected by a terminal disease called Self”.  One symptom of this disease is an inflated ego another is pride while another is attitude. The disease starts in the mind and then flows to the heart saturating it fully. We can know that the heart has been saturated because all that flows from the mouth is Drama filled with venom, venom trying to steal, kill and destroy. Most don’t realize that the one that is harmed the most is the one that is spewing the venom. Why? Because Self is so big  the mirror of self-image cannot be seen.         


There is a antidote or a cure for this evil life style. The Bible says that it is appointed unto every man once to die but then the judgement. The apostle Paul said, I die daily. If the diseased person will die daily in the way that Paul means then disease is cured and judgement is behind and will not have to be faced ever again.    

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