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Pastor Carter's Thoughts and Comments.

Good to the Last Drop

by Pastor Dale Carter on 04/07/19

Good to the Last Drop.

During the Bible conference a couple of weeks ago I listened to a young man deliver his heart out to a group of awesome people concerning the alarming and rising rate of young people commenting suicide at an age when they should be developing a strong infrastructure of life’s everlasting values.  I would use the term, “Taking one’s own life,” but most don’t understand that it’s not their own life, the life belong to the Lord no matter what the age group. 

Since becoming a pastor I’ve spent a considerable amount of time pondering why these young people, some I personally have known, commenting such an eternal act when there is so much ahead of them. An exciting life. A future of accomplishments the challenge of doing the almost impossible souring upon wings of eagles and doing the great things that God has created all of us to do. Building a family, producing and creating kids with an attitude of never ending hope, establishing an unmovable, unshakable and everlasting Faith in an everlasting God. How could this come about? 

The causes of the youth suicide rate is more understandable than the older generation. The latest generations have had God stolen from their up-bringing, life values killed without remorse, families destroyed and replaced by government agencies. We would thing it couldn’t get any worse but it does. 

I thought about a very valuable group of people that the leaders of our great district appointed me the serve. They are called Senior Adults.  Although suicide is one of the top four causes of death among people in the age groups between 10 and 44, the numbers of suicide deaths are higher in the age groups in the 45 to 65+ range. To me this is even more alarming. What is happening to the wisdom, life values and the very foundation of life itself if grandparents are taking their life at a higher rate than the young? God help us! 

A few of the things that may cause a senior fellow to give up is, the loss of their health, a loss of finances, a loss of family members and no anywhere near the lest is the loss of purpose. I sincerely believe that God has given to me a small crumb of insight into some answers that could possibly help. If God would grant me the opportunity to express and input the value of some very simple things. Due to a lack of space I will only list four but I will pursue the subject. 

1.     Diet, not so much as how much a person eats, but what they eat. (very hard to change)

2.     Exercise. Exercise daily, may it a part of your life style. Youth and Seniors.

3.     Laughter. Laughter is a power antidote for depression and anxiety.

4.     Talk to yourself. “David encouraged himself” he had to be talking out-loud to himself. 

Love all of ya’ll, I really do.   

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