Landing is Necessary to Maintain Flight : Pastor Carter's Thoughts
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Pastor Carter's Thoughts and Comments.

Landing is Necessary to Maintain Flight

by Pastor Dale Carter on 06/10/17

Before an airplane can land it has to quit flying. In aviation lingo, this is called a stall. Which actually means that the forward motion of the airplane is not sufficient to maintain or sustain the attitude of flight. A controlled stall or landing is a good thing. It give the pilot an opportunity to look things over make necessary adjustments so secure flight (soar) can be enjoyed and profitable. The eagle must land or it could never reproduce and replenish its’ kind.
An eagle territory is in the heights. When it lands, it lands on a branch high in a tall tree. When it lands for a time of replenishment it settles in a nest that has been prepared. This is the character an heart of the eagle. Though I firmly believe that God created those that follow Him to soar and do great things and planted within us the seeds of talent, ability and skills so that those seeds will produce a harvest that will bring glory to God.
With that in mind, we are not eagles nor do we have the eagle's heart. We are created as sheep. Jesus did not tell Peter to feed My eagles He said "Feed My Sheep, Feed My Lamps" 
When the eagle needs food and drink, while it is soaring it is constantly searching the valley and meadows for food. When it locates the food it will swoop down and pick up it's prey and return to it's perch to ingest it. The eagle will never remain in the valley.
It is the heart of sheep to be lead by the shepherd. The Shepherd leads His sheep by the still water away from the deafening sound of rough water. He causes us to lye in green pastures. The still waters and green pasture will restore our soul, help us to see the necessary things that need attention and give us strength to mount up with wings as eagles. Now we can continue to soar and do great things.    

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