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Pastor Carter's Thoughts and Comments.

Raise the Standard

by Pastor Dale Carter on 08/22/16

I served in the Marine Crops as a young man. When I was discharged I was a very different person than when I went in. Our nation and the values of our society would be far better off and different to the good if every person had to spend at least two years in the Marines when they graduated from high school.
In the Maries there is a Standard. It's a flag that designates the Marine Crops from the other branches of our military. It also defines and separates each Division, each battalion, all the way down to each platoon of the Marines. A marine or serviceman can determine where he belongs by finding the standard when it is lifted up.
In each platoon there is a Standard Bearer. That's the person that carries the standard that represents a particular platoon. There are strict requirements for the person that carries the standard. To make it short, he must be clean, spit shined, creased and sharper than any of the rest. The standard and the standard bearer are an icon for all to focus on for a visible focus point that make us feel like, "that's where I belong." It's a place to rally around.
God has a Standard, and a Standard Bearer. His Standard will draw all men unto Him.
 Isa 59:19 When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. KJV.  When it seem like the wiles of Satan are becoming more powerful every day, look for the Standard. Satan hates the Standard of God. Truth, Righteousness, Holiness, Faith, Hope, Satan has 'No Weapon" that can proper against a child of God that lives by God's Standard.
Let's bind together and pull together and raise God's Standard in our homes our   businesses, in our community and most of all in our churches. I heard on radio today that standard meant a barrier to keep things out. But God raises His Standard that we can rally together and fight and win this war  with Satan.

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