Suicide : Pastor Carter's Thoughts
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Pastor Carter's Thoughts and Comments.


by Pastor Dale Carter on 02/19/19

Some opinions that suicide will not cause a person to go to hell, though well thought out and with much love and sensitivity and with regard for others, raises somewhat a fear in my mind. My fear is not for myself but of those that are looking for relief and thinking suicide is the answer. I fear that letting people believe that if they take their own life they will be in a better place only encourages suicide. Perhaps if they were to believe that they would end up in a far worse condition and place, maybe they would look or seek a different solution and save a life and save the ones left behind the agonies of the lose of a loved one. I would never encourage anyone to take their own life for any reason. To encourage or to discourage is not a simple decision to make, but I'd rather scare someone out of hell than let someone think they won't go there if they take their own life. No one will ever come back and tell us which is right, all else is merely speculation. My opinion is written with deepest of Love and compassion that I can possibly mustard from this infinite mind.

(St. John 10:10) .......Have Life and have it more abundantly. (Ezekiel 3:17-21) Warn the unrighteous as well as the righteous.

Pastor Dale Carter Sr.

Harvest Fellowship Community Church

Lonoke, Arkansas

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